Tuesday, March 6, 2012

52 Girls Were "Queen For A Day" on Sunday!

THE 3RD ANNUAL EVENT WAS THE BEST EVER!!! On Sunday, March 4, 2012, 52 Oregon and Washington girls (and some adult supporters) gathered to be inspired and crowned "queen for the day" by Tracy Broughton, event guest speaker and the reigning Ms. America. Girls got to hear the non-stop inspirational story of how Ms. Broughton overcame 11 years of her life in a wheelchair to the spotlight of Ms. America! They tried a bit of Zumba, walked a power statement runway and learned about dream boards in the course of the events' afternoon. Some arrived not knowing what to expect, but all left with an overwhelming "can do" feeling as a result of the day! These girls are undoubtedly better equipped to contribute to changing the world for the better -- thank you Ms. Broughton and all the supporters and participants for making this the event to top all events. Watch for 2013's date in the near future...

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  1. You can find many photos from the event at www.VelourPhotography.com and www.Kotorro.com! What a great event! Amazing stories & powerful information on achieving success! I had a lot of fun as the photographer! ~ Jamie Wilkinson